That Place in the Stars is a 24’ x 21'x 7' stainless steel sculpture consisting of two curved elements that intersect and support each other. The slender spire points dramatically to the sky, crossed by a graceful, grounded arch.

The design, created as a centerpiece for the collector's formal garden, invites viewers to stroll through the sculpture making it an inviting entry feature.

The sculpture is made of welded, 3/16” thick, marine grade stainless steel. The surfaces are smooth curves, there are no sharp edges or points, save the point atop the 24 ft high spire.


"The title of the sculpture, That Place in the Stars is intended to invoke aspirational sentiments, referencing the imaginary place where everything is good. In these trying days, a bit of uplifting art is good for everyone.”

“The inspiration for the sculpture came from a couple of curved glass shards, abandoned by a glass artist years ago. I stored them for a decade before rediscovering them and finding how they could fit together.”

The inspiration for That Place in the Stars came from a couple of glass shards. The creation of the sculpture was informed by maneuvering the glass pieces to visualize the possibilities of intersecting curves.

During the initial creation of the sculpture, more than 100 CAD drawings were created and revised.

At the conclusion, 3-D printed models were presented to the collector to give a true view of the sculpture to come.

Here is a 3-D printed maquette for That Place in the Starts.