About Christopher Curtis

Artist Statement

I am interested in the peculiar intersection of the past and the future. Cross-cultural and time-independent archetypes are the universal symbols that capture and express this phenomenon in the present. My work is about expressing these eternal truths in physical form.

I enjoy collaborating with collectors to create commissioned pieces that are site specific. The back-and-forth between the client and artist is at the heart of my work. Art is very personal and I devote a lot of creative contemplation to ensure each piece is unique to the collector's space and sensibility.

Christopher Curtis was born in Stowe, Vermont. His formative years wandering the forests and rocky hills of Vermont instilled a deep love of nature and especially rocks. At the University of Vermont, he studied making sculpture under Paul Aschenbach who insisted his students become proficient in a wide variety of media. He also promoted the use of stone, a plentiful resource in VT as a logical and economical medium.

He has been making stone and metal sculptures more than 50 years. That Place in the Stars is the tallest sculpture he has created although many of his stone sculptures far exceed the weight of this piece. He is available for an artist talk or casual conversations with viewers.

As an avid star-gazer, Curtis has long contemplated our place in the universe. His interest and love of the cosmos helped inspire That Place in the Stars, a sculpture he created to be uplifting and a symbol of hope to be found in the stars.